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Cheesehedge is a global fixed income trader and portfolio manager living somewhere in America's great Midwest. When not weighing the relative merits of Chevy versus Ford, or John Deere versus Case, this blog intends to ponder the mysteries of international financial markets, interest rates, currencies, central banks, animal spirtis, minneral spirits, distilled spirits, herds, and herd behavior.

Battle of the EUR/USD Bulge

It is fashionable at the moment to believe that Europe, and all financial assets associated with that famous old continent, are “hopelessly buggered” (to borrow a technical English engineering term). Greece is a catastrophe, the other PIGS not far behind, … Continue reading

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Unemployment – Less Slack in the U.S. Economy than You Think

Gavyn Davies provides a useful summary today of what will become an increasingly critical issue in macroeconomics over the next few years: the decline in the U.S. labor force participation rate.   Cheesehedge is generally unimpressed with much of the analysis of … Continue reading

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